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Nile valley Manuka Honey comes from our farm here in the valley, We produce Manuka honey which is well known for its healing qualities and great taste.

We also produce Rata honey from the centre of the southern Alps of the south island.


This superb quality honeHoney is one of nature's oldest folk remedies. Ancient civilisations used honey to help heal wounds.
There are many reports in medical literature of honey being successfully used for problems such as wounds, burns, skin ulcers, boils, infections.
Scientific university research is showing the reason why honey could assist natural healing and that UMF Manuka Honey has even greater healing qualities because of its enhanced antibacterial potencyy, from the borders of the Paparoa National Park, on the South Island's West Coast, has a flavour all of it's own. It can be used medicinally and is delicious as a spread or a drink - very soothing for sore throats.

With this honey's impressive accreditation you can be confident that your purchase is 100% genuine. It has NOT been heat treated to artificially increase bio activity and maintains its original golden colour.

Very competitively priced

Manuka Flowering on our farm. Christmas time the valley is covered in the white blossom and our bees start their collection from early December until early Febuary.

We can pack the honey into 250gm - 500gm - 1kg - 15kg-300kg email me for any information you require at


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